I am a Ph.D candidate at the University of Rochester studying experimental plasma physics.
My research interests include laboratory astrophysics, pulsed-power drivers and plasma diagnostics.
I am also passionate about art, comedy and social justice. See my blog for more on those topics. Have a look around by clicking the navigation bar in the top right corner.

Jet simulation

Astrophysical outflows laboratory experiment

My primary research focus is an experiment studying the transition of accretion disks into collimated outflows in astrophysical systems (young stellar objects, AGN).
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The infamous MagLIF cartoon

Simplified summary paper explaining pulsed-power and high energy density physics

I wrote a summary document for the undergrads in my lab explaining the review paper Primer on Pulsed Power and Linear Transformer Drivers for High Energy Density Physics Applications by McBride et al. This document is full of jokes and mediocre drawings by yours truly that make many of the complex ideas go down easier.
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A single HADES linear transformer driver unit

Gourdain lab

I work for Prof. Pierre Gourdain at the University of Rochester. Our lab studies a variety of topics in high energy density science, including pulsed-power drivers, laboratory astrophysics, warm dense matter, plasma diagnostics and pulsed-power fusion schemes.
Gourdain lab website

Si se puede, Black Lives Matter logo and intersectional pride flag

Computational Research Methods Workshop

A two-month workshop in python that teaches computational research methods for plasma physics research. Targeted for undergraduates who identify as underrepresented in physics, taught by grad students and scientists who identify as underrepresented.
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